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The big “mega-agent” team model is dated and out of step with what today's buyers and sellers want. In a world full of reviews and data, it's becoming increasingly important to build a name for YOURSELF to the consumer that they can trust. They want personal relationships. They want to work with the person they call on the sign - not whomever the phone gets passed to. Be the one they call.

This particular team model centers around one big name and a trickle down approach to leads, resources and growth. You are hidden BEHIND the "top producer" building their name and numbers with very little for you to gain in the process.

Why build a book of business that's hidden behind someone else? Why add to another agent's stats? Why take home less money for the "priviledge" of working under another agent?

We have a better way at spot. We are reinventing the real estate team model and turning it on it's head. We think the team should be BEHIND you (supporting you while you build your reputation and your book of business).

Our company IS the team. One giant team - sharing, collaborating, learning, and generating TOGETHER. The firm provides just about everything our agents need: sourced leads, business essentials and company resources - so they can stay engaged and productive. Plus, it doesn't hurt that our competitive split is difficult to achieve at many local real estate companies either.

We have an true emphasis on support. Spot's founders are multi-million dollar producers year after year and we can help you take your business to the next level. We are dedicated to helping our agents by way of sales training, technology, company marketing initiatives, best practice roundtables, and industry centric problem solving and insight.

We want to tell you more ... just not here. 

For more details about our complete package, please contact us for a confidential in-person meeting. 

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