About Spot Real Estate

our take on real estate

We want to put a fresh spin on Wilmington real estate.

Our take: 

Let's make real estate, well ... REAL. Relatable, accountable, and driven on creating lasting relationships. Let's treat people right and do the right thing - no matter the time or cost. We strive to service our clients fanatically by helping whenever and wherever needed. Take the time and effort to BE THE DIFFERENCE.

Let's aim to make the largest and most stressful purchase / sale of people's lives an enjoyable experience. We want to be your "go-to" and ally in the process: your guide, confidant, extra set of eyes and when needed ... your bulldog!

Our agents have your back, work hard, and deliver results.

Technology is important and useful when it comes to real estate, but the human component is vital. There are too many emotions invested into homes (on all sides) for algorithms and apps to help you navigate through the complex process of negotiations, repairs, unexpected lending issues and all that's entailed to get you the closing table with your sanity.

We have a modern, hands-on, "concierge approach" to real estate that leverages technology to streamline the process, gain insight and data, stay connected and improve your experience. 

This is the evolution of the industry; we are the next generation of real estate.

Let's #FindYourNextSpot!