Buying Real Estate in Wilmington

First Time Home Buyer?

So, you're thinking about buying your first spot? Congrats on starting the process! 

Buying your first home is an exciting and financially beneficial step toward wealth building in your life. Statistics show that homeowners have 45X the net worth of a renter - over the course of their lifetime. The forced savings of a mortgage on your own home offers you tax benefits, a buffer against inflation and rising costs of living, and is long-term investment that can appreciate and grow over time.

Many people also want to make the leap into homeownership because of all of the personal ways it impacts your life. More room for family and friends. A backyard for cookouts, room for the dog to run or a pool for the kids. Privacy from neighbors and a space to call your own. Whatever YOUR reason - you should do it! 

Owning a home is beyond rewarding and it's easier than you may think, especially if you have the right realtor partner on your side!

Spot is a boutique real estate company that prides itself in helping millenial and Gen X/Y first-time homebuyers claim their first spot in Wilmington! Our firm is putting a fresh, REAL spin on real estate. 

We know the process seems complicated and a bit overwhelming, but our real estate agents are here to help break down the process, explain and answer any questions that arise and help you successfully get to the finish line (or your front door, more specifically!)


We can help introduce you to our talented lender partners who can help you get prequalified, which will jumpstart the house-hunting process. They can help you determine which mortgage program is the best fit for your situation, credit score, and down payment. A prequalification is also helpful as it helps you gain insight into what your home purchase would translate into as a monthly payment - so you can keep your house search exactly in the range of where you feel most comfortable for your budget and financial situation.

Find A Realtor Who Gets It

It's important to make sure your real estate agent is listening to your needs, wants and exposing you to the extremely varied options you have available to you in the Wilmington market. A good agent will lend you their expertise and "eagle eyes" - touring properties with you and pointing out potential issues and pitfalls of a given property that you may not be aware of at the time. At Spot, our agents have your back and we make it a point to make sure you know the good and bad, EVERY time, so you can make an informed, educated decision about a given home.

If an agent is shoving paperwork in your face or only showing you a handful of homes - you need a new one! The home buying process can take days, weeks and sometimes months. An agent that really has your back and wants to EARN your business will give you the time, energy and expertise YOU NEED to complete your house hunt.

Also, househunting can be a long, exhausting process and it's important to actually LIKE the people you are spending that much time with. Make sure the agent you are working with in your house search actually gels with you and can give you the level of service, communication and expertise you need. (PSST ... Our team is awesome, and you'll really like them!)

Searching For Your Spot

Once you know what the budget allows, the fun part begins! Take some time jot down a list of your "MUST HAVES" in a home. How many bedrooms? What area of town? Do you need a garage or a fenced-in yard? What are the non-negotiables that you need in a property to make the plunge?  

From there, take some time to think about the "NICE TO HAVE" list for your new home. Have you always wanted a fireplace? A Pool? Do you want an updated kitchen? Are you open to cosmetic updates or renovation work?

These questions can help you uncover your own priorities and tastes in the home buying process before you even step through the first doorway of your home tour. Armed with this information, visit sites like Zillow, Trulia or to see what homes jump out at you. 

Our Spot agents will also create a custom crafted search of options for you via our online portal, which is direct from the MLS for the most up to date options available to you.

Once you have identified homes that stand out, your agent will setup a tour so you can see the options in person. No doubt you will find the process entertaining - some homes photograph much better than reality allows. Other times you will find unique quirks of a property or layout. Tours truly are #RealEstateAdventures!

Getting From Contract To Closing

So, once you have found a spot that feels just like home - a detailed process begins with your agent to help you land the property!

You will be guided through the steps of reviewing disclosures and comps, writing an offer, negotiating, and "going under contract." Our agents will also assist you with inspections, repairs, and will coordinate with your mortgage lender to keep the process moving smoothly.  We ensure you are in the loop throughout the entire process and any and all questions that arise are answered along the way.

Before you know it, this sequence of steps winds down and you are sitting at the closing table signing for your new home. We can help get you there!

Contact a spot agent today to get the process started.