Buying Real Estate in Wilmington

Relocating to Wilmington?

Are you looking for a new spot to call home? Somewhere with affordable housing, lower taxes, great weather and proximity to multiple beaches?  Sounds amazing, right? Well, you definitely should consider relocating to Wilmington!

Our growing community is experiencing an influx of new residents relocating here from the Northeast, Midwest and from FL for good reason ... it's an amazing place to live. 


We have 4 seasons in Wilmington - albeit our winter is rather short. We average just 2 inches of snow per year along the coastal plain. Most of Wilmington barely gets much more than a dusting - if we're lucky! Our winter days hover in the mid 50s and evening lows dip into the 30s. So, moving here means you'll need to kiss that snow blower goodbye!

Our average temperature along the coast is 64. Our summers can get a bit hot and humid  - with most days in the high 80s to low 90s. Luckily, we are surrounded by water here in Wilmington, giving you ample ways to stay cool while enjoying the sunshine. Speaking of which, Wilmington is an especially cheerful place to live as we enjoy about 216 sunny days each year. 

Cost of Living

Living in Wilmington is a bit more expensive than other cities in North Carolina (it’s just such a destination) - but the cost of living is definitely more competitive than many areas around the country. According to the ACCRA Cost of Living Index, the costs for everyday supplies, goods & services, healthcare and transportation in Wilmington are lower than the national average. Housing is significantly more affordable here as well, with the average home sale price just shy of $225,000. 

Here is a handy site to tell you a bit more about how ILM stacks up:

Coming For A Visit?

To visit Wilmington is to LOVE Wilmington. Come for a few days and experience this great city for yourself. 

While you are in town, contact us! One of our spot agents would love to meet with you, grab a cup of Port City Java (a local institution), and tell you about areas and next steps as it pertains to your home buying efforts in our great city.

We are well-versed in the process of helping folks from out of town make the jump! Whether your move is a month out or year out - we would love the chance to share why we love living here, earn your trust and business and help you make this your home one day too!

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