Selling Real Estate in Wilmington

Marketing & Exposure

The modern buyer is online. A few clicks on a photo gallery can determine whether someone will ever cross your threshold and see your home in person.

Professional photography with appropriate (and accurate) color correction is a foundational pillar to your marketing plan. Proper photography can capture brilliant morning light or the ambient energy of a backyard - components that add to the wow-factor of a property and can compell buyers to make offers. When you list with us, you will tap into industry professionals who will capture your home's strengths and tell its story.

Medium Matters

Incredible photos are just the start. You need to be sure they are available to as many buyers as possible. We ensure your listing is promoted on all of the major big box sites like Zillow, Trulia, and It's where the buyers are today. You need to be there - ready for them!

But it doesn't just stop there - a robust social media strategy is necessary to getting your home exposed to the market quickly. According to a Pew Research Study, Facebook is the predominant platform for where 30% of all Americans are absorbing information -  news, local events, and yes, you guessed it even real estate. Check out this Pew Research Study!

At Spot Real Estate, we incorporate a comprehensive social media strategy to promote every home we list. Targeted behavioral marketing gets us in front of people that matter most. We work our magic to gain virality for open houses and events - so we can tap into larger networks of home buyers. In fact, we have several success stories where “likes” and “shares” turned into buyers … and in turn, some very happy sellers!