Selling Real Estate in Wilmington

picking your partner (a.k.a. your listing agent)

When thinking about the listing process - many sellers are daunted by where to start. Maybe you know a friend of a friend or have a neighbor that's a broker ...  and while it may be the easy way out, are they really right for the job?

Take some time to review the following questions when interviewing agents to sell your home: 

  • Are they a full-time agent? 
  • How many homes did they sell last year?
  • Where do they rank in the local MLS?
  • Are they going to service your listing PERSONALLY? Or are they simply offshoring you to other members of their team?
  • What percentage of buyers to sellers are they working with on average? 
  • What is their personal "DOM" (Days on Market) average?
  • What is their strategy to get your home sold? 
  • What do their clients have to say about them in online reviews on sites like Zillow?
  • What's their "update strategy" to communicate with you about showings, traffic and feedback?

Like many things in life, it may come down to your gut. Ultimately, do you like them? Do you feel like you can trust them?

Our Spot Real Estate agents would enjoy the opportunity to meet with you and discuss these questions and more to see if we are a fit for your needs!  

We can supply references, testimonials and success stories to show you just how much we care about the clients and the track record we are building. We enthusiastically welcome the chance to work just as diligently for you!