Selling Real Estate in Wilmington

Staging Vs. Days on Market

A clean, modern staged home sells faster requiring 88% less time on the market. This is especially true if you have a vacant property to sell. 

Today's buyers need to walk in and see the possibilities or you will lose them.  Staging allows buyers to enter a home and know exactly how to use a given space: "Here's where a couch would go." "A king bed could fit here." 

Otherwise, buyers may lose steam and spend valuable time troubleshooting your space when they could be enjoying it and contemplating "fit."

Staging can help present your home in it's best light. It will photograph better but ultimately it's effective because it paints a picture of what living in the home may be like. For example, a cozy dinner table with placesettings and a bottle of wine may just conjure up a buyer's dreams of a first Thanksgiving in the home. You can tap into the emotional essence of what homeownership feels like with good staging. If a buyer can see themselves there at that home, you are well on your way to a contract!

Have a vacant house you want to sell with our "style & staging" service?  Please contact us!