meet the spot real estate team

Heather Appleton

Broker / Realtor
Here for you every step of the way


  • Hometown: I was born in Largo, Florida, but growing up in a military household, I have lived in several places.
  • Years Living In Wilmington: 16
  • What Brought You To ILM? I love living this close to the ocean!

Favorite Spots In Wilmington:

  • K38- I love chips and salsa! 
  • Indochine- Great food in a great atmosphere.
  • The beach- The sounds of the ocean are so calming.

Local Spot Tourists Don't Know About ...

The Cargo District- Lots of cool places to explore!

Unexpected Facts:

  • I lived in Japan for 3 years and started school there. I can still count to 20 and sing a song in Japanese. 
  • I am double jointed in my wrist.
  • I am a dance mom. Both of my daughters dance competitively. 
  • I have a Masters Degree in School Counseling

Why Do You Love Real Estate?

I love hearing the stories of people buying and selling homes. Buying a home is such an exciting process and it is an honor to be able to help. I also love looking at houses! There are so many different and unique styles.

Most Unique Thing You've Seen In Real Estate:

An unfinished hole cut through the garage to fit a refrigerator.

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