meet the spot real estate team

Isabella Klomp

Broker / Realtor
hair stylist turned realtor


  • Hometown: Long Beach, CA
  • Years Living In Wilmington: 1
  • What Brought You To ILM? My family came here before I did, and I fell in love with Wilmington every visit I took!

Favorite Spots In Wilmington:

  • Wrightsville Beach
  • Historic Downtown
  • Sundays

Unexpected Facts:

  • I surf! Always trying to learn to be better.
  • I'm the oldest of 5 girls.
  • I lived in Nicaragua for 4 months!

Why Do You Love Real Estate?

My parents had us moving around my whole life, flipping houses everywhere we went. I always joke they're the second Chip and Joanna Gaines! I always loved seeing the different houses, learning to do projects. I found a love for houses and I would love to share my love for them with you!

Most Unique Thing You've Seen In Real Estate:

Once I was at a showing where there were raccoons living in the vacant home! Not exactly the situation you want to be in!

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