meet the spot real estate team

Jason Miller

Broker / Realtor
Surfreek, nature nut, husband, fur-baby daddy and captain of The Bamboozler


  • Nick-Name: Captain Gogo
  • Hometown: Charleston, SC
  • Years Living In Wilmington: 30
  • What Brought You To ILM? I earned myself a 1.2GPA at Clemson University after my first semester. My mom was in Wilmington so I switched states and started over. I fell in love with the blue water, white beaches, and slightly more consistent swell than what I was accustomed to at Folly Beach. Charleston is beautiful, but Wilmington is HOME!

Favorite Spots In Wilmington:

  • All of the islands accessible via the intracoastal waterway: I love exploring the islands.
  • Tower 7, Wrightsville Beach: There's nothing better than a Rico Suave (margarita) and a Killer Carne taco after surfing.
  • Greenfield Lake Amphitheater: There may not be a more beautiful and intimate venue to listen to live music. GLA is amazing.

Local Spot Tourists Don't Know About ...

Rich Inlet. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Unexpected Facts:

  • For two of the seven years I was a teacher, I ran a youth ministry for underprivileged black youth who lived in section 18 housing.

Why Do You Love Real Estate?

I've always loved exploring neighborhoods, looking at houses, and helping people in general. Combining those things with a flexible schedule and the ability to work remotely is my idea of a dream career.

Most Unique Thing You've Seen In Real Estate:

In 2011, on Craigslist, I found a super cute 500 sq ft guest house for rent on Pages Creek with a boat slip. It was meant to be temporary. We're still there.

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