meet the spot real estate team

Joe Stanley

Broker / Realtor
Realtor-Broker & US Navy Retired


  • Nick-Name: Joe
  • Hometown: Wilmington
  • Years Living In Wilmington: 50+
  • What Brought You To ILM? I was born and raised here in Wilmington.

Favorite Spots In Wilmington:

  • Fort Fisher
  • Old Brunswick Town
  • Southport

Local Spot Tourists Don't Know About ...

The area around Fort Fisher where the Hermit lived.

Unexpected Facts:

  • I am from southeastern North Carolina.
  • I worked for the State of North Carolina for 20 years working for the Employment Security Commission running Veteran programs.
  • I am a life member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Why Do You Love Real Estate?

It lets me show buyers the areas off the beaten path. You never know what you are going to run into or what gem you will find.

Most Unique Thing You've Seen In Real Estate:

I was showing a home in another county where the house had seen several additions. As we went up a stair case we ran into a door and when we opened it the only thing on the other side was an open space. I mean there were no walls, floor or ceiling.


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