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Leslie McCotry

Broker / Realtor
Multi-faceted, singularly focused on you!


  • Nick-Name: I wish I had one!
  • Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
  • Years Living In Wilmington: 12 years in NC, 5 years in Surf City, NC
  • What Brought You To ILM? My ex-husband’s military career but we stayed because of the beautiful weather, beaches and schools.

Favorite Spots In Wilmington:

  • Cameron Arts Museum - All of their exhibits are great and teach you about the culture and history of Wilmington and North Carolina. 
  • Surf City Pier after dark - I love to go visit the pier when it’s dark and all I can hear are the waves and my thoughts. If you’re not in the area but want to check it out for yourself go to
  • Kilwin’s and downtown Wilmington’s riverfront. We’ve been going for over a decade now and the places that are still there give the boys and I a bit of a nostalgic feeling while the new places are always something to explore. 
  • The Roof Top Bar - Music. Cocktails. Sunsets. Nuff Said! 

Local Spot Tourists Don't Know About ...

Block Taco!! It’s on a side street at Satellite Bar and Lounge. Everything is always hot, fresh and has great flavors.

Unexpected Facts:

  • I was a competitive cheerleader in high school and I hope to coach a squad one day.
  • We currently have 4 cats and a pittie. All rescues but our zoo isn’t taking any more occupants! 
  • I love to travel. New Orleans is my favorite place in the states and San Pedro, Belize is my favorite place on earth but I will keep wandering, seeing if there’s anywhere else that speaks to me.
  • I love doing yoga to trap music!

Why Do You Love Real Estate?

I’ve sold everything from foreclosures to being a new home sales representative. Each experience is unique but the common thread is seeing someone’s eyes light up when they find their Spot. It’s like Christmas morning every time!

Most Unique Thing You've Seen In Real Estate:

I’m a proud nerd so the most unique thing I’ve seen is the change in trends over the last decade. Some based on design, like the shift from wood tones to painted cabinets, but also the changes in function and layouts and, of course, the shifts in the market.

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