meet the spot real estate team

We pride ourselves on being a real estate firm of top-notch, full-time producing agents. We are a fun bunch with a variety of backgrounds in "our former lives"  pre-real estate. At one turn or another, we were bitten by the real estate "bug" and are now united by our love of this incredible industry.

Please take some time to get to know our team!


Stef Archer
President, Broker-In-Charge, Broker-Owner

Chauncey Archer
Vice President & Broker-Owner

Wiji Archer
Furry Relocation Expert & Bone Inventory Specialist

We founded Spot because we wanted to create a real estate firm that was rooted in fanatical customer service! We love brand-building and helping our companies grow from startup infancy to rock solid enterprises. We are setting out to put our fresh, fun, techie spin on real estate and can't wait to show you what we can do! About #TeamArcher »

Angie Marie Robinson

Sales Manager, Broker-Owner
Broker/REALTOR & Proud U.S. Air Force Veteran

As a partner at Spot, I bring over 10 years of real estate expertise and advice to my team of agents. I proudly served in the United States Air Force for 8 years and learned many valuable life lessons, the most important being service before self. While working with a buyer, seller, or fellow colleague, I promise excellence and exceptional service in all I do. About Angie Marie Robinson »

Cedric Robinson

Broker/REALTOR & Proud U.S. Air Force Veteran

My number one priority is to make sure that I do a good job for you because I built my career on customer service. The three promises that I make to every client are that I will LISTEN, take ownership of the process, and be available. About Cedric Robinson »

Adonna Pipkin

Broker / Realtor
Telling you like a friend

Building, buying, selling and owning are empowering experiences, especially as a woman. I want to bring the American Dream of ownership to others, whether guiding buyers to the perfect home SPOT or helping them find the perfect commercial SPOT for their business. About Adonna Pipkin »

Jessie Fairbairn

Broker / Realtor
tenacious service driven super agent

Being a Wilmington transplant, I know what it feels like to move here, learn the area, and all that the lifestyle here has to offer. Let me show you all the awesomeness Wilmington has to offer! About Jessie Fairbairn »

Thurston Dawson

Broker / Realtor
laser focused house hunter with an eye for design

Home buying/selling can be a stressful event. I want to be able to provide families with the most information, advice and support possible throughout the home buying/selling experience to help reduce the associated stress. My goal is to make the experience enjoyable and exciting for everyone. About Thurston Dawson »

Renee Reitzel

Broker / Realtor
Nurse turned real estate Broker. Compassionate, sensitive and result oriented.

Everyone has a story and a reason for buying and selling. I love to listen to people's needs and make things happen. About Renee Reitzel »

Dawn Lagomarsino

Broker / Realtor
coastal devotee and detail oriented agent here to sweat the small stuff for you

Buying or selling a home can be an extremely intimate experience and I love being able to guide people through that process. About Dawn Lagomarsino »

Vicki Stowe

broker / realtor
Paving Your Way to Your Dream Home

A home is where your family memories are made and shared. I want to make the first step as smooth as possible towards starting those memories. About Vicki Stowe »

Brandon Rougeau

Broker / Realtor
finely tuned realtor and musician

I don't feel like I'm selling with real estate. Just helping folks find a home. It's so personal, and a great and exciting part of people's lives. About Brandon Rougeau »

Keisa Rosales

Broker / Realtor
Out of This World Realtor ... making dreams reality

My passion for real estate began after moving to the gorgeous city of ILM. I am a hardworking, responsive, and meticulous broker that really cares for your needs, mindful of your interest. I will guide you through the buying and selling experience creating a smooth stress-free transaction. Six words you can count on from me: honesty, integrity, commitment, communication, passion, and fun. Let me help you achieve your real estate dream. About Keisa Rosales »

Stacy Warren

Realtor / Broker
Relentless, detail oriented, and professional client advocate

I have always been in a profession that serves, and is based on building relationships and connections. I enjoy helping, guiding, being a sounding board, and celebrating successes with clients. We are in this journey together, and I will advocate for you in order to realize your dreams to the fullest potential! Being a broker gives me that opportunity and so many more! About Stacy Warren »

Sydney Tobler

Broker / Realtor
military wife and cupcake connoisseur here to help you find your perfect home

Let me show you what a great experience it can be and get you into your dream home! About Sydney Tobler »

Alexis & Lee Davidson

Realtor / Broker
Creative and compassionate team, with a combined love of seeing you happy in your new home

Houses speak to us. With our combined creativity, design perspective, dedicated research and belief in the best customer service possible, we will find you your new home! About Alexis & Lee Davidson »

Wanda B. Wills

Broker / Realtor
Conscientious, detail-oriented, always working for you

I have personally bought and sold several homes. It has been a fulfilling experience for me and I enjoy helping others who desire to buy or sell a home have a positive and rewarding experience. About Wanda B. Wills »

Bethany Terry

Broker / Realtor
All natural and eco-friendly real estate agent here to organically find your perfect home

My goal is to help people find their "home" in an organic way without pressure or sales tactics. I can't wait to build relationships from the future customers I will have that will hopefully turn into friendships along the way! Buying or selling a house is one of the biggest journeys most people will make in life and I intend to make that an experience that will be fun and exciting! About Bethany Terry »

Heidi Brown

broker / realtor
former school teacher who treats clients like family

In our busy lives it's important to have an organized agent you can trust so that your experience is smooth and enjoyable. I work relentlessly to make sure my clients are comfortable by being transparent and available. About Heidi Brown »

Tanya Colagerakis

broker / realtor
Passion for serving others

I'm excited about serving others and finding your spot to call home. About Tanya Colagerakis »

Karen B. Gaskill

broker / realtor
Living local, selling coastal

What better way to invest in my family's future than to help others find their dream home, and make coastal North Carolina their home. Love where you live and live where you love, that's my motto. About Karen B. Gaskill »

Kristy Ward

Broker / Realtor
Beautifying the process while brokering the deal

Relationships are important to me. With 20 years in the service industry, I have maintained incredible relationships & am committed to taking care of the details for you. I have a keen eye for details & will listen & deliver. My great ability to relate to others will help provide you exceptional service. About Kristy Ward »

Kate Klein

Broker / Realtor
Not your average Ninja

Finding the perfect fit for you, your family and your lifestyle within your means. About Kate Klein »

Heather Ashworth

Broker / Realtor
Speech-Language Pathologist turned Real Estate agent

Heather Ashworth About Heather Ashworth »

Sara Beth Gay

Broker / Realtor

I am always listening to all of your real estate needs. About Sara Beth Gay »

Patty Toohey

Broker / Realtor
The House Whisperer

Being a Northeast transplant, I listen to a client and work hard to deliver results with the least amount of inconvenience to you and your family. I am tenacious yet calm, fierce yet passionate and happiest when both buyer and seller felt like the deal had a win-win outcome. About Patty Toohey »

Elizabeth Freeman

Broker / Realtor
An outgoing Agent with a passion for details, design, and organization

With years of experience serving the community, I am a solutions-driven and talented individual with a passion for making connections, developing relationships, and remaining humble regardless of the direction life takes me. About Elizabeth Freeman »

Monica Rohena

Broker / Realtor
Health Coach, Interpreter, Real Estate Broker

Each home has it's story, it's memories and I would like to help you create your own story and memories in a new home. About Monica Rohena »

Jason Miller

Broker / Realtor
Surfreek, nature nut, husband, fur-baby daddy and captain of The Bamboozler

I love surfing, boating, exploring, spreading joy and love through music, and hanging out with my wife Mandy. She's awesome. About Jason Miller »

Sally Harling

Broker / Realtor
The coastal loving, minimalist that's here to simplify your real estate journey

I am Max's mom (fur-baby) & a lover of nature. I'm obsessed with capturing moments through pictures. Military raised. I've lived and traveled throughout my life, but Wilmington is home now. Being able to make a living while helping others has changed my life. For that I am grateful. About Sally Harling »

Shelley Sugden

Broker / Realtor
LIVE where you LOVE!

Helping others fulfill their real estate dreams and goals doesn't feel like a job, but a rewarding experience with the side benefits of being able to invest in my family's future and live in beautiful coastal North Carolina. About Shelley Sugden »

Sylvia McCrory

General Contractor turned Broker - knows houses inside and out

Becoming a broker was an evolution from my experience as a General Contractor, except as a broker, I have the opportunity to meet and work with more people. It is wonderful to gain the trust and loyalty of my treasured clients. About Sylvia McCrory »


Operations Manager
Head of HQ & Transaction Coordinator Extraordinaire

I look forward to assisting with making your real estate goals a reality! About Kelly »