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Sam Allen

Broker / Realtor
Still-hopeful NBA superstar


  • Hometown: Clayton, NC 
  • Years Living In Wilmington: 8
  • What Brought You To ILM? I originally came to Wilmington to attend UNCW, I love it so much here I'll never leave

Favorite Spots In Wilmington:

  • I love Wrightsville Beach. I swim there, I fish there, I surf there, and play a lot of basketball there... I spend a lot of time there.  
  • Masonboro is an awesome island to boat or kayak too. It's a great place to relax with friends.
  • Downtown Wilmington is really cool. I love the historic houses, the brick roads, and all of the huge trees.

Local Spot Tourists Don't Know About ...

Freeman Park is a really cool spot to drive your vehicle out on to the beach and hang out near the water. You can camp overnight there and wake up to a really pretty sunrise. Just make sure you have 4 wheel drive.

Unexpected Facts:

  • I am a certified Snow Board instructor
  • I lived in a van and traveled the country for 6 months after college. I still came back to Wilmington because I couldn't find any where I liked more.  
  • I grew up on a plant nursery, so I know a thing or two about plants and landscaping.

Why Do You Love Real Estate?

I love Real Estate because I get to be my own boss. I love architecture, and I think its really cool that no house is exactly the same. I also love the challenge of matching the perfect place to the right person/family.

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